Lisa Luminaire

Intuitive Advisor, Healer and Shadow Alchemist


I work with the misfits, the rebels, the unconventionals.

Those who are waking up to their truth and feeling the extreme discomfort of trying to fit into a cookie-cutter world.

They know they are meant for more.

Their heart is screaming to be acknowledged and followed as the only law.

They know they were not put on this earth to pay bills and die, to be mediocre, to blend in and the longer they try, the more painful it becomes to fit in.

They are ready to say yes to their soul, to choose themselves first, to become unapologetic about who they truly are and how they truly want to live.

They are ready to dare greatly.

I am you.

I’ve overcome childhood trauma, suicidal depression, severe anxiety and low self esteem.

I walked out of the last ever corporate job I did at the age of 24 in the middle of the day and never looked back. I just got up and walked out.

I became a stripper, and soon after an online and in-person dominatrix, later adding independent fetish video producer to my long list of skills.

I tried so many things to find what truly inspired me and through it all I wanted to die many times.

I had to learn to heal. So I learned Emotional Freedom Technique, meditation, reiki, energy alchemy, mindset and manifestation skills, kinesiology, magic and shadow work.

And I’ve never stopped learning.

What lights me up, is connecting to my clients on a deeply energetic level, my intuitive gifts allow me to see their true potential and to channel the information they need in the now in order to step into their next level selves.

My passion is waking you up to your magnificence, guiding you to own and embody your worth and talent so you can live the life you came here to experience.

I look forward to connecting with you 💜


Fun stuff about me

  • Made in South Africa

  • ex-stripper, dominatrix & independent fetish video producer

  • 4/6 Manifestor in Human Design

  • Aquarius Sun, Leo Rising, Gemini Moon (a fabulous mix!)

  • I/ENFP (I’m an ambivert)

  • Enneagram 7 with an 8 wing

  • Claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant

  • Indigo Adult

  • Likely to be decendant from both Lemuria and Arcturus

  • Have had many past lives as a witch and shaman and one as a dragon rider!

  • Cat obsessed mother to two black cats

  • Child-free by choice

  • Addicted to travel, social media, learning and TV series

  • My heart comes alive on the dance floor to good House music or deep in nature (ocean or mountains I love it all!)

  • Avid animal lover with a dream to one day own 30 acres in the Australian Sunshine Coast hinterland filled with horses, goats and anything else that will live there