Lisa Luminaire

Intuitive Advisor, Healer and Shadow Alchemist

Lisa is absolutely incredible - I wasn’t sure what to expect, but by the end of the session, I had chills. She channeled exactly what i needed to do on an issue I’d been trying to work on for months (maybe even years!), and as soon as we had our call, everything clicked into place. I’ve been putting things from the call into practise, and I am utterly blown away by how much better things are, instantly. Lisa is someone who has a true gift, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind.
— Rose Moore
I had the great joy of connecting with Lisa today, our time was absolutely illuminating! Within the first couple of minutes she was tuned to my questions and we had 30 minutes together of great conversation. Lisa was able to channel and provide me with actionable insights and deep questions to help me level up to my heart’s desires and best self! I absolutely recommend Lisa and I am sure she and I will work together again!
— Brittaney Sawyer
“! When I met Lisa I was a quiet, anxious and unmotivated young woman with no direction...within a short time, lisa metaphorically grabbed me by the balls and shook my life up! Lisa teaches you that there are no limits as a woman, she teaches you to be strong, ambitious, positive, hardworking...and she’s shown me how to believe in myself and how to use my mind as a tool to create the life I want. I am proud to say that I am well on my way to my dream life, and am approaching everyday with a renewed sense of vigour and drive I didn’t even know existed inside me. Lisa, thank you, I am proud to call you my mentor and my my very, very dear friend. You need this girl in your life! She builds woman into being the best version of their strong badass selves every. Single. Day.”
— Jill Wallace
My session with Lisa powerfully solidified my journey to embracing my unique gifts. I felt so much more comfortable afterwards feeling into my experience of being different. She delivered powerful confirmation as well that gifts and abundance can come in ways that I may not even be able to imagine. She has a deep power about her that enables great shifts within a person.
— Hannah Joy
Lisa’s intuitive gifts are very special and she connects with spirit incredibly naturally. From the second our session started, she was able to tune into exactly what it was that I needed to hear and come through with very helpful guidance. We focused on my love life as well as my business and everything that came through from spirit thanks to Lisa resonated with me on a deep soul level. I can’t wait to work with her again!
— Tereza Wolf
Lisa is an incredibly gifted intuitive with a very natural and strong connection to spirit.

The information Lisa channeled was accurate and was delivered as though I was confining in and chatting to one of my best girlfriends. I felt so comfortable, at ease and was able to be totally raw and honest.
— Amy Masters
I had the total pleasure of experiencing a reading by Lisa, she delivers messages with such a playful, fun, high vibed energy. Her intuitive insights were so helpful with what was going on with me at that moment in time.

She gave me some amazing tools to take away to compliment the intuitive insights and reminded me that being selfish isnt a bad thing. That it is an important part of self care.
— Tara Goddard