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How to get everything you want and everything you didn’t even know you wanted

When we learn about manifestation it’s usually because we want something specific, a better job, a better partner, a better body, better money. 

But then we get caught up in the specifics, “I want this specific thing because I think it’s gonna make me so much more happier to have it.”

Yes, we have the power to create any kind of life we desire, but I want to propose a new thought to you…

What if the Universe, that wants the absolute best of everything for you, because it gets to experience itself through you (so like, why wouldn’t it want the best for you?}, what if, what the Universe can provide to you is waaaay beyond anything you can imagine for yourself? 

What if you are an infinitely expansive being with the power to experience any kind of possibility? So why would you be very specific about what you want? When you exist in an ether of infinite possibility? 

What if, you said, “hey Universe, this human life thing can be pretty amazing!! Why don’t you show me just how amazing and I’ll get out of the way by noticing all the amazing stuff I am already experiencing and then the more I notice that stuff, the more I’m amazed” and then it gets to be just a fan-fucking-tastic dance of ecstasy through your lifetime. 

What if we are limiting what’s possible for us by being specific about what we want?? And what if, we just opened up to let the Universe have creative freedom with our lives in the name of love and fun and counted each blessing every step of the way? 

Like, instead of saying, I want a black 2018 Audi TT, you said, “hey Universe, give me the car that would provide the most fun and joy to me” and then wait and see what the Universe has in store? 

What if huh?

*image by Chris Bracey

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F*ck The Should and Do What Feels Good!

Stop getting caught up in how other people think you should live your life. If their idea for your life doesn't feel good to you, then don't do it!⚡️

"Friends and lovers pass you by, but YOU live until you die." That's what I told my first boyfriend when I told him I wanted to move to the UK from South Africa. I was 18. Basically what I was saying is, I'll do what my heart wants before I do what anyone else wants!⚡️

If your job is sucking out your soul. It's time to leave. There is reason you feel bad going to work every day, it's because you're meant for something else. A safe paycheque is no excuse to ignore your heart's calling. ⚡️

If your heart drops when you think about having to see someone, it's time to let that person go, even if it's someone you've been with fro a long time.⚡️

Your emotions are your guide, they tell you if you're on track or off track and yes, you are allowed to feel good about life and yourself all the time, every day! In fact that's your normal setting!⚡️

So babe, choose yourself, over and over until it's a no-brainer, I promise your heart will never lead you astray 💜

*image by Chris Bracey

Live Audaciously!

Audacity:- The willingness to take bold risks.  

You are not a timid mouse who wishes they could have things differently but never does anything to get what they want.  You don’t let people talk to you however they want or demand of you things without consideration for your opinion or desire on the matter.  You never deny yourself whatever pleasures you want, whenever you want them.  You always give yourself whatever it is you need and surround yourself with positive, uplifting people.  

Seriously, most of us ladies have no idea just how magnificent and worthy we are!  It is now your time to make your place in this world.  You are the baker, the cook and the creator of your divine life.  You ARE the Creative Director of YOUR LIFE.  

Go and get some business cards printed that read YOUR NAME: CEO of My Exemplary Life.  Contact Details: Relaxing in the bathtub.  I mean really, if you’re not designing your life, then who is?  And why isn’t it you?  It should be YOU!  

The world NEEDS you at your fullest, most joyful and empowered self, you KNOW you have it in you so now allow yourself the pleasure of the gift that is you! Oh! The audacity!

Choose Your Headspace

I make a point of never watching, reading or listening to the news. I don’t really watch terrestrial television unless there’s a documentary on, usually by Simon Reeve, but if the news comes on, I change the channel immediately. Same with the radio and I don’t buy the newspapers. I particularly loath the intrusion of those newspaper headline boards outside news agents and on streets, the ones that are so short you cant miss them. It’s offensive, because I like to choose my headspace.

The news media has an agenda to create as much fear in the general population as possible. Why? Because fear drives sales. Make people feel bad and they go out and buy stuff to make themselves feel better.

You have a choice

You can choose your headspace. You can choose what to pay attention to and what not to. And yes, people ask me, “but don’t you want to know what’s going on in the world?”, well, of course I do! But I don’t need to get my information from one biased source now do I? Why do you think I watch documentaries? Because they tell me what’s going on in the world without a heavy dose of coma inducing fear! And I can pick and choose what information I want to know about.

I absolutely do not need to know about every piece of negative news that the media has decided to tell me about on a daily basis. If it’s really important, really big news, I will hear about it. I spend 95% of my time online, I will see it in my Twitter or Facebook feed, if it’s truly life threatening, everyone will be talking about it! But why should I know about anxiety and depression triggering bad news all the time? Stuff that doesn’t affect me, it’s just bad stuff that happened that makes you feel bad and sad and sometimes even anxious and worried.

Fuck that.

You may think I’m choosing to look at life through rose coloured glasses but I can assure I am do not see life that way at all. I am prone to anxiety and depression so I choose my headspace because I martial it like a bouncer on steroids! That brat in my brain is always trying to sneak into my awesome nightclub and crash my party and I refuse to allow it any longer, so why let the bad news guys in?

Think for yourself

We have a choice, about everything in life. You can choose to be affected by people’s actions and words, or you can choose to let it go and keep moving. You can choose how you behave and react in every single moment of every day. I choose to keep my head clear of unnecessary information, especially negative information, there’s enough going on in my head not to add to it!

I choose to look at news and information that is beneficial to me, that grows me, that inspires me, that enlightens me. I have more than enough headspace for information that helps me evolve.

What do you think?

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*image by Anxo Vizcaino

What makes you sweat?

I don’t mean physical activity, I’m talking about stuff that stresses you out or stuff you get annoyed about⚡️

The next time your buttons are pushed I want you to take a moment to breath and do a little investigating, ask yourself, will this matter in an hour? A day? A month?⚡️

9 times out of 10 it won’t and you can shake it off.⚡️

Resilience and managing anxiety means turning off the buttons people or situations push on you⚡️


In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff 😉

I like to use the phrase “pick your battles”, meaning there are better things to expend your sacred energy on than trivial little things throughout the day. ⚡️

Like I said before, your energy is paramount! Protect it and keep it high vibe by letting go of the little stuff that is a waste of time getting annoyed by ⚡️

Someone was short with you? So what. Someone cut you off? So what.

Someone close to you in a mood? So what. ⚡️

Let go of that low vibe ish babe, you’re better than that 💜💜

What little things are you committed to letting go of from now on? Comment below!

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What They Bullied You For Could Be Your Superpower!

My entire life I was called DISRUPTIVE and I've since discovered that that is in fact my super power! ⚡️

You damn straight I'm disruptive, because we've all been fucking sleeping on our brilliance, out cold on the bullshit programming we were given, sleep walking in a daze of lies and influences we bought into. ⚡️

My job is to disrupt your thinking, your patterns, your very way of being so you can embody the gold living under all that pile of crap! ⚡️

Because that's what it took for me to discover my own gold, and baby I'm brilliant! ⚡️

My job is to use my painful life experience and lessons learned to help you navigate and overcome your own prison of depression, anxiety and self-sabotage.⚡️

I didn't go learn how to life coach so I could have a career as a coach, I went to the University of Hard Knocks and I dedicated my life to healing myself - I've been in the trenches and I found my way out and now I get to help others out too.⚡️

When we work together, I GET YOU, I know your pain, your struggles but best of all, I see the true brilliance of who you really are under all that shitty programming placed on you.⚡️

Not only that, but I am uniquely gifted with the talent and skills to get rid of all the crap that has been keeping you stuck in your pain, but I'll warn you now, it won't be easy and you will have to do the work and make the effort and choose yourself and your healing every day, in every moment.⚡️

2019 is the year you uncover your real power, the year you discover how truly deserving you are and the year you embody the magnificent truth of who you really are. ⚡️

Let's start now, to work with me visit my website, the link is the in the bio under Empowerment Mentorship, or you can DM me. I can't wait to meet you! 💜

FORGET about the Law of Attraction

Everything is energy. The Universe is not a separate benevolent entity that grants you your wishes, we ARE the Universe, we create what we experience by the FREQUENCY we emit, as radio stations. ⚡️

If your radio station is tuned to lack, misfortune & being unlucky (i.e the stories you consistently tell about yourself & your life), that is what you will continue to experience. ⚡️

If your station is tuned to abundance, love & opportunity, that is what you will continue to experience. ⚡️

Think of it as the Law of Frequency & you are much closer to a better understanding of how life works. ⚡️

Our thoughts control our frequency & often our thoughts are programmed from a very young age to believe in & EXPECT either lack & misfortune, or abundance & opportunity for example. ⚡️

It depends on the examples we grow up with, the subconscious vows we made, the influences we bought into. ⚡️

The beauty of knowing this is that we can change our programming so that our radio stations, our frequencies are tuned to a much better station & therefor we emit a better frequency & live better lives.⚡️

It starts with by uncovering your programming & re-writing it. This takes a decision, every day, & a re-routing. ⚡️

Your subconscious which is running the show from it’s old programming is like an old dog & you’re having to teach it new tricks, it takes time & consistency for it to get the message that you now believe a different story, you now think better thoughts & you now function as a new radio station! ⚡️

When you are ready to learn how to reprogram your subconscious and be supported during the re-programming stage, my DMs are open to discuss working together 💜

Protect Your Energy

Your energy levels are 👏🏻 PAR 👏🏻 A 👏🏻 MOUNT 👏🏻. Do not let anybody fuck with them. ⚡️

Do not get on board with people on the self-pity train, the complain train, the blame train, stay on your station of balanced, unfuckwithable energy! ⚡️

If your people come around you with bum energy, help them to re-focus their minds on their blessings, on the lesson of the situation, on the solution, if you can think of one. If they insist on staying in their bum energy, exit stage left immediately & don’t feel bad about it, you are doing them a favour, believe me! ⚡️

Many people want you to get on the sad train with them, it makes them feel better about being in a bum mood, but that helps nobody! It’s like someone in a sinking boat telling you to get in & help them smash a bigger whole in it! ⚡️

Protect your energy at all times, & not just from others, but from your own mind-gremlins 👹 they are always trying to gate-crash your positivity party, hire better bouncers boo!⚡️

If you wanna learn how to hire better bouncers for your brain, I’m teaching a class on Mental Freedom Mastery very soon so you can learn the techniques to free your mind from the tyranny of anxiety, depression & self-sabotage & finally start living the a life that excites you. ⚡️

To be notified about the upcoming class, simply subscribe to my newsletter in the link in my bio. 💜

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Your happiness is YOUR responsibility

It’s no one else’s job to make you feel the way you need to feel ⚡️

Let people off the hook by no longer requiring that they behave in a certain way to make you feel better, loved, comfortable, etc - how you feel is your job!⚡️

And remember, no one can make you feel any kind of way unless you choose to feel that way in response, yes they can intend to influence your feelings but that’s it, how you feel in response is your decision!⚡️

Triggers are teachers

The greatest lesson I learned in 2018 was to ask what painful experiences were teaching me ⚡️

For me it was a constant struggle with having enough money. I spent much of the year getting upset about too often not making enough to cover my bills and rent - despite the fact that I have a library full of money manifestation books! ⚡️

I'd apply money manifestation techniques and make a bit of money, and then Id slack off and the money would be gone again. Feast, then famine, and mostly famine. ⚡️

Eventually at the end of the year, I stopped railing against this repeating pattern and said, ok, what the fuck is going on here? What is this trying to teach me, because this shit keeps coming up for me and I am DONE with it! ⚡️

The stuff that triggers us is there to teach us and we will keep getting triggered until we learn the lesson. If it's other people's behaviour, maybe the lesson is to let go of being triggered by that, or to investigate where you do that in life yourself. ⚡️

Nothing can push our buttons if we have no buttons to push. So investigate why you have these buttons and what you need to learn to release them. ⚡️

What did you learn from your triggers this year? ⚡️

Cast a Money Spell on your life!

Words are spells, it’s not called “spelling” for no reason! 💡

Also, when we speak out loud, the vibrations of our words imprint on the ether of infinite possibility that surrounds us - also known as energy - and cause a ripple effect that brings that intention back to us⚡️

I’ve proved that stating out loud money mantras / affirmations / declarations work every time, ESPECIALLY if you make up your own that you feel more connected to and on Thursday, after 2 months of no income and re-listening to a favourite @drcatherineponder lecture, I started declaring out loud my gratitude for my substantial increase in my financial income now 💸

Today is Tuesday and I have so far manifested £220 out of the blue in the way of Amazon gift cards and cash from an old customer from my previous business, and sales of old content I no longer promote. 🔌

I literally did not lift a finger for this money, simply declared my financial increase as often as possible and within 24hrs I was receiving ➕

I promise you, speaking your intentions out loud and with gratitude of already receiving them WORKS! ☑️

Try it, and let me know how it goes for you 🤩

How To Own It

Goddamn self doubt. That shit just won’t quit! If it’s not me procrastinating left right and centre watching Youtube videos and reading blogs instead of putting myself out there, it’s someone else I admire owning up to being too scared to do something they want to do for fear of ridicule and rejection.

Life is just an experiment

This shit has got to stop. I don’t want to be cliché and say life is too short, or even that you “only live once” (which by the way I would contest, but that’s another story), so I’m going to tell you that it doesn’t freakin’ matter girl!

None. of. this. matters. Newp. When you die, it’s overs. Sure you will leave some people with some memories, maybe even build and create a legacy that will affect the experiences of other people’s lives, but ultimately, life is just an experiment and when it’s done, it’s gone so don’t take it so seriously.

Fuck what other people think

Our biggest obstacle in letting our lights shine is worrying what other people think. We see nasty comments on Youtube and our favourite people’s blogs and we cringe for their sake, and then we procrastinate about uploading that video or publishing that blog post. Our opinions become only ever voiced in the safe circles of our most trusted friends, we become boring. We become beige and beige is not bold.

What other people think is just that, their thoughts, not actual facts. If they pick on something you’re insecure about, take it as a sign that it’s time you stop being insecure about that shit. Own it. Got a crooked nose/mouth/face? Own it. At least you’re not beige and boring babe! And also, I guarantee you there are people out there that will adore the very thing you’re being self conscious about so just pretend it’s your best feature and

Fake it to make it

Most of us aren’t born confident and many of us aren’t raised confident either. For too many of us it’s a constant struggle just to have a conversation with another human being. Ugh, what a waste.

I was absolutely NOT the sassy, loud mouthed, tell you my opinion that’s in my head girl you see today. I was bullied from the age of three, all the way till about 15 years old. I was verbally abused at home and I was a pimply faced, four eyed, socially awkward, hyper sensitive basket case of emotions and 28% autism scale girl. When I was in primary school, I absolutely thought the entire world was against my family, that there was some sort of conspiracy going on that was out to get us. I lived in constant fear of my father and the world and it was extremely difficult for me to make friends.

One day, in my 20’s I was at a nightclub with some new friends I had met after having moved to England from South Africa. That familiar paranoia crept in and I was sure they were all talking behind my back and just pretending to be nice to my face. Maybe it was the help of the ecstasy I took that night, but on that dance floor, I decided to pretend that I was on a movie set and that I was the girl I always wished I was – confident, happy and people loved me and that of course, no one was talking about me behind my back.

Well, it worked and letting myself out of my shell and claiming my space in the world changed my life. I pretended that I was who I really wanted to be and soon enough I learned that no one was talking behind my back, it was just all in my head and that not hiding myself away meant I could actually make friends.

Claim your place

Like I’ve said before, people will treat you how you let them treat you and if you don’t claim your place in the world, there isn’t going to be one ’cause no one’s going to give it to you.

But, you’re not going to step forward and say, “hey, this is my space, this is where I belong, and this is who I am” if you don’t feel like you deserve to. So that’s your first step. You gotta stop wasting energy worrying about what everybody thinks about you (because trust me, that’s what they’re doing about everybody else) and start using that energy to sing your own praises.

Listen to rap music

If you ever need to learn how to talk yourself up, listen to rap music. All they ever sing about is how awesome they are and how deserving they are of riches and bitches. But they’re on to something. You will never get anywhere in life if you don’t learn to feel deserving. You gotta give yourself credit girl. You like your hair, your eyes, even your butt? YASS girl, own it! You like your laugh, your business sense, your A grades? You go Glen Coco! You are allowed to be in the world! You are allowed to be loved and to do things that make you happy and you are allowed to be surrounded by people who think you’re the bees fucking knees. You are also allowed to give shitty people the boot. You are allowed to be good to yourself, think highly of yourself and put yourself out in the world.

Haters need hugs™

Yo, if you’re still worried about those keyboard trolls pissing on your project, have a little think about these people. Have you ever wondered why they feel the need to spit vitriol all over the place? Imagine what it must be like to be them. They can’t be happy, productive people because happy, productive people are too busy creating a life they love and supporting other people in creating lives they love to waste time decaying the internet.

These people need love, they need a good hug. Remind yourself, whatever crap they’ve spat is all about them and has nothing to do with you. However, if you take their shit personally, take it as a lesson, you need to get over that, you need to learn to own whatever it is they’re picking on or simply let it go. Choose your battles and send hugs to those who hate.

Personally, any time I see someone leaving irate all CAPS comments online, I usually say something like “damn dude, you sound like you need a hug :)”. Don’t forget the smilie, you’re sending love, not being judgemental. Believe me, it works.

How to own it in 4 easy steps

  1. Decide that you are deserving of space in the world

  2. Give yourself credit and don’t be shy about it

  3. Understand where haters are coming from and send them hugs

  4. Just do it anyway because life is just an experiment

Bonus step, practice unattachment. Just choose not to be affected by other people’s opinions. It’s an incredibly liberating thing, choice. Use it.

*image by Marina Fini

How To Get Unstuck

We often think that because problems are complicated their solution must be equally complicated and often we fall at this hurdle in trying to fix them. The solution is often so simple that we take forever to figure it out. I mean, would you believe that the solution to getting un-stuck is to move!? Obvious, right!?

Except it wasn’t for me. I’m a thinker, I’m that statue with his head in his hand, contemplating. I spend a lot of time sitting around, reading, learning, researching. And I get stuck. Money stops coming in, ideas stop materialising, inspiration dries up and then I explode from frustration.

Move. Get outside, go for a walk, a run, bike, swim, dance, whatever it is, get your body moving. Our mind’s and bodies are inextricably linked and if you’re new age, you know that what we do in our minds effects what happens in our lives. If you never move your body, your entire life grinds to a stand still.

Move every day and be thankful that you have a healthy body, all limbs and eyesight and hearing, taste and ability. Move yourself and the energy that gets blocked in your body starts to move, your blood flows and cleans debris up, oxygen flows through your blood and energises you, and what will happen is you will notice that things in your life start to move too.

I am willing to bet that on that walk ideas will begin to hit you, solutions will show themselves and realisations will free up the weight that’s been lurking around you. I don’t have to mention that just 15mins of fresh air and sunshine staves off illness and disease when coupled with pure water and fresh organic whole food.

Move your body and your life moves too. It’s all connected.

People Will Treat You How You Let Them Treat You

I remember when I was in my early 20s, thinking about how people don’t actually make us feel anything.  

How we feel is all our own doing, it’s all our own choice.  We choose to react to something someone said or did.  If you feel bad, you chose to feel that way.

Heavy and uncomfortable realisation for some.

But bare with me here.  This is important.

You may argue that someone intended to hurt you or make you feel bad, and while that may be true, there is always, always, a split second moment where you consciously or subconsciously decide, or rather, choose, how you will feel in response to their intended actions.

For every action, there is a reaction.  Your reaction is up to you, regardless of the action’s intent.

If someone says something hurtful to you, you can choose to let it hurt you, or you can choose not to take it on, let it go.  If you understand that someone saying something hurtful to you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them, it becomes a whole lot easier to let those hurtful comments bounce off you.

The stronger you become and the more you love and support yourself and think yourself a pretty awesome person, it becomes even easier to let those comments bounce off you.

One of the reasons we choose to feel hurt by hurtful comments or actions is because sometimes we believe we deserve them for some reason, or we don’t yet understand that we don’t deserve them.

Understanding that we have control over how we feel about other people’s words and actions gives us power and helps us learn what we will and won’t stand for or take personally.

Knowing this helps us to know what kind of behaviour we will or won’t accept from others.  If you don’t like the way other people treat you, you can change it.

Again, you choose what sort of behaviour you like or don’t like and if you don’t like it, don’t allow it.  That means being strong enough to say out loud to that person that you don’t appreciate the way they are speaking to you or treating you, or avoiding situations and people who cause these situations.

You don’t have to allow people to mistreat you.  And you don’t have to feel guilty about standing your ground.  You cannot live your whole life pleasing everyone else but yourself.  It makes you miserable and other people take advantage of you.

This doesn’t mean you have to become a cold hearted person, it just means that you set boundaries, you allow behaviour that supports you and helps you to grow and be the best you can be and you don’t allow behaviour and people who do the opposite of that.

We are raised to “be nice” all too often to our own detriment.  I guarantee you that people will show you a lot more respect when you respect yourself enough to stand your ground about what type of behaviour you will or wont allow and if they don’t, they shouldn’t be in your life.

Being strong enough to stand your ground comes from feeling like you deserve it, knowing that you deserve to be treated right, and feeling like you deserve the best treatment all boils down to your own opinion of yourself. 

If your own opinion of you is low, other people’s opinion of you will be also.

Thinking highly of yourself is allowed and anyone trying to tell you different are afraid of others being their full selves because they haven’t quite figured out how to do it themselves.

Show them.

* this post was originally posted to my old blog in 2011

*image is by akunohako

Choose Yourself

When going to work every day is making you sick but every one is telling you that you’d be crazy to quit, quit anyway.

Your body & soul will scream louder and louder until you listen.

When it’s exhausting to constantly feel obligated to everyone else’s needs, it’s time to quit that shit too.

Any time you feel bad is a sign you need to make a change, to give yourself permission to put your needs first, to follow the pull of your heart in a different direction.

It’s ok to put yourself first, after all, you can’t pour from an empty cup and you already know I’m telling the truth here, let yourself give in to your own needs.