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Choose Your Headspace

I make a point of never watching, reading or listening to the news. I don’t really watch terrestrial television unless there’s a documentary on, usually by Simon Reeve, but if the news comes on, I change the channel immediately. Same with the radio and I don’t buy the newspapers. I particularly loath the intrusion of those newspaper headline boards outside news agents and on streets, the ones that are so short you cant miss them. It’s offensive, because I like to choose my headspace.

The news media has an agenda to create as much fear in the general population as possible. Why? Because fear drives sales. Make people feel bad and they go out and buy stuff to make themselves feel better.

You have a choice

You can choose your headspace. You can choose what to pay attention to and what not to. And yes, people ask me, “but don’t you want to know what’s going on in the world?”, well, of course I do! But I don’t need to get my information from one biased source now do I? Why do you think I watch documentaries? Because they tell me what’s going on in the world without a heavy dose of coma inducing fear! And I can pick and choose what information I want to know about.

I absolutely do not need to know about every piece of negative news that the media has decided to tell me about on a daily basis. If it’s really important, really big news, I will hear about it. I spend 95% of my time online, I will see it in my Twitter or Facebook feed, if it’s truly life threatening, everyone will be talking about it! But why should I know about anxiety and depression triggering bad news all the time? Stuff that doesn’t affect me, it’s just bad stuff that happened that makes you feel bad and sad and sometimes even anxious and worried.

Fuck that.

You may think I’m choosing to look at life through rose coloured glasses but I can assure I am do not see life that way at all. I am prone to anxiety and depression so I choose my headspace because I martial it like a bouncer on steroids! That brat in my brain is always trying to sneak into my awesome nightclub and crash my party and I refuse to allow it any longer, so why let the bad news guys in?

Think for yourself

We have a choice, about everything in life. You can choose to be affected by people’s actions and words, or you can choose to let it go and keep moving. You can choose how you behave and react in every single moment of every day. I choose to keep my head clear of unnecessary information, especially negative information, there’s enough going on in my head not to add to it!

I choose to look at news and information that is beneficial to me, that grows me, that inspires me, that enlightens me. I have more than enough headspace for information that helps me evolve.

What do you think?

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*image by Anxo Vizcaino