Lisa Luminaire

Intuitive Advisor, Healer and Shadow Alchemist

Live Audaciously!

Audacity:- The willingness to take bold risks.  

You are not a timid mouse who wishes they could have things differently but never does anything to get what they want.  You don’t let people talk to you however they want or demand of you things without consideration for your opinion or desire on the matter.  You never deny yourself whatever pleasures you want, whenever you want them.  You always give yourself whatever it is you need and surround yourself with positive, uplifting people.  

Seriously, most of us ladies have no idea just how magnificent and worthy we are!  It is now your time to make your place in this world.  You are the baker, the cook and the creator of your divine life.  You ARE the Creative Director of YOUR LIFE.  

Go and get some business cards printed that read YOUR NAME: CEO of My Exemplary Life.  Contact Details: Relaxing in the bathtub.  I mean really, if you’re not designing your life, then who is?  And why isn’t it you?  It should be YOU!  

The world NEEDS you at your fullest, most joyful and empowered self, you KNOW you have it in you so now allow yourself the pleasure of the gift that is you! Oh! The audacity!