Lisa Luminaire

Intuitive Advisor, Healer and Shadow Alchemist

F*ck The Should and Do What Feels Good!

Stop getting caught up in how other people think you should live your life. If their idea for your life doesn't feel good to you, then don't do it!⚡️

"Friends and lovers pass you by, but YOU live until you die." That's what I told my first boyfriend when I told him I wanted to move to the UK from South Africa. I was 18. Basically what I was saying is, I'll do what my heart wants before I do what anyone else wants!⚡️

If your job is sucking out your soul. It's time to leave. There is reason you feel bad going to work every day, it's because you're meant for something else. A safe paycheque is no excuse to ignore your heart's calling. ⚡️

If your heart drops when you think about having to see someone, it's time to let that person go, even if it's someone you've been with fro a long time.⚡️

Your emotions are your guide, they tell you if you're on track or off track and yes, you are allowed to feel good about life and yourself all the time, every day! In fact that's your normal setting!⚡️

So babe, choose yourself, over and over until it's a no-brainer, I promise your heart will never lead you astray 💜

*image by Chris Bracey