Lisa Luminaire

Intuitive Advisor, Healer and Shadow Alchemist

How to get everything you want and everything you didn’t even know you wanted

When we learn about manifestation it’s usually because we want something specific, a better job, a better partner, a better body, better money. 

But then we get caught up in the specifics, “I want this specific thing because I think it’s gonna make me so much more happier to have it.”

Yes, we have the power to create any kind of life we desire, but I want to propose a new thought to you…

What if the Universe, that wants the absolute best of everything for you, because it gets to experience itself through you (so like, why wouldn’t it want the best for you?}, what if, what the Universe can provide to you is waaaay beyond anything you can imagine for yourself? 

What if you are an infinitely expansive being with the power to experience any kind of possibility? So why would you be very specific about what you want? When you exist in an ether of infinite possibility? 

What if, you said, “hey Universe, this human life thing can be pretty amazing!! Why don’t you show me just how amazing and I’ll get out of the way by noticing all the amazing stuff I am already experiencing and then the more I notice that stuff, the more I’m amazed” and then it gets to be just a fan-fucking-tastic dance of ecstasy through your lifetime. 

What if we are limiting what’s possible for us by being specific about what we want?? And what if, we just opened up to let the Universe have creative freedom with our lives in the name of love and fun and counted each blessing every step of the way? 

Like, instead of saying, I want a black 2018 Audi TT, you said, “hey Universe, give me the car that would provide the most fun and joy to me” and then wait and see what the Universe has in store? 

What if huh?

*image by Chris Bracey

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