Lisa Luminaire

Intuitive Advisor, Healer and Shadow Alchemist

Cast a Money Spell on your life!

Words are spells, it’s not called “spelling” for no reason! 💡

Also, when we speak out loud, the vibrations of our words imprint on the ether of infinite possibility that surrounds us - also known as energy - and cause a ripple effect that brings that intention back to us⚡️

I’ve proved that stating out loud money mantras / affirmations / declarations work every time, ESPECIALLY if you make up your own that you feel more connected to and on Thursday, after 2 months of no income and re-listening to a favourite @drcatherineponder lecture, I started declaring out loud my gratitude for my substantial increase in my financial income now 💸

Today is Tuesday and I have so far manifested £220 out of the blue in the way of Amazon gift cards and cash from an old customer from my previous business, and sales of old content I no longer promote. 🔌

I literally did not lift a finger for this money, simply declared my financial increase as often as possible and within 24hrs I was receiving ➕

I promise you, speaking your intentions out loud and with gratitude of already receiving them WORKS! ☑️

Try it, and let me know how it goes for you 🤩