Lisa Luminaire

Intuitive Advisor, Healer and Shadow Alchemist

FORGET about the Law of Attraction

Everything is energy. The Universe is not a separate benevolent entity that grants you your wishes, we ARE the Universe, we create what we experience by the FREQUENCY we emit, as radio stations. ⚡️

If your radio station is tuned to lack, misfortune & being unlucky (i.e the stories you consistently tell about yourself & your life), that is what you will continue to experience. ⚡️

If your station is tuned to abundance, love & opportunity, that is what you will continue to experience. ⚡️

Think of it as the Law of Frequency & you are much closer to a better understanding of how life works. ⚡️

Our thoughts control our frequency & often our thoughts are programmed from a very young age to believe in & EXPECT either lack & misfortune, or abundance & opportunity for example. ⚡️

It depends on the examples we grow up with, the subconscious vows we made, the influences we bought into. ⚡️

The beauty of knowing this is that we can change our programming so that our radio stations, our frequencies are tuned to a much better station & therefor we emit a better frequency & live better lives.⚡️

It starts with by uncovering your programming & re-writing it. This takes a decision, every day, & a re-routing. ⚡️

Your subconscious which is running the show from it’s old programming is like an old dog & you’re having to teach it new tricks, it takes time & consistency for it to get the message that you now believe a different story, you now think better thoughts & you now function as a new radio station! ⚡️

When you are ready to learn how to reprogram your subconscious and be supported during the re-programming stage, my DMs are open to discuss working together 💜