intuitive mentorship

Long-term premium 1:1 intuitive guidance & healing

You are meant for way more than you have been allowing yourself.

You were built for more and the craving in your heart and soul is not going to go away, in fact it’s going to get louder and mess up more and more things in your life the longer you ignore it.

You are meant to follow your heart, you are meant to live your soul’s purpose, and you are meant to do it without apologies to anyone but your former self that took this long to choose yourself.

But first you are going to have to go through the fire. You are going to have to uncover and burn through every limiting belief, fear, shame and bullshit programming you were gifted before you got here.

The only real, transformational change takes place once we face and conquer our fears and you will know them immediately every time you ask yourself to think or act in a different way. They will come up to challenge you.

With my help, this will not be as scary as if you did it alone. It may still be painful, but because I have been through it myself, I can guide you through it.

My intention is not only to assist you in slaying these subconscious & energetic shadows so you can shine as brightly as you are meant to, but also to guide you to connect to your own intuition so you can know and live from the highest version of yourself.

Your mentorship will be tailored to your goals and whatever needs to be healed and put in place for you to accomplish them. Everyone’s journey is unique and so working with me will be customized and unique to you due to my intuitive ability. You will receive the exact guidance that YOU need at this time now. Your soul will speak to me and let me know what you need.

You will heal: limiting beliefs, toxic patterns, feelings of unworthiness, anxiety & even depression, fear of showing up as your most authentic self & being unapologetic about your desires and dreams, plus a whole lot more.

From this healing, you will become more aligned with your highest self and greatest potential and with the mindset tools and energetic shifts I will teach you, you will experience massive transformation in record time.

It is my passion to empower you to realise, own and embody your worth and highest potential, and to support you in embodying your highest self, so you can live the life and have the impact you were brought here to experience.


Mentorship is for you if:

  • you are coachable; meaning, you are ready and willing to do the work, even if it’s uncomfortable or painful, because you recognise the greatest change comes when we face our fears

  • you have big dreams and goals and need on-going personalised support in realising and accomplishing them

  • you are willing to trust in the guidance you are provided and take the necessary action to make the changes you are seeking

  • you are bored of your own bullshit and are ready to learn how to be better to yourself

  • you do not require being handled with kid-gloves, you do not need things to be sugar-coated and you are unwilling to waste time by pussyfooting around the topic at hand

  • you are ready to own your truth and live unapologetically so the world can experience your unique creative expression

  • you are truly ready to let go of your problems and feel worthy of receiving support

Mentorship includes:

  • an immersive 45 min call every two weeks (giving you a week to integrate between calls)

  • a distance reiki healing scheduled in between calls

  • structured messenger or email support


Six weeks: £777

3 months: £2222

6 months: £4444

  • All packages are subject to application and a contract of agreement.

  • A 50% deposit, or full pay, is required on sign-up.

  • If you are unsure if mentorship is right for you, I highly recommend booking an Intuitive Guidance Reading with me to experience what it is like working with me and gain clarity on how much support you need right now.

  • I am an equal opportunities provider, there is no discrimination here. 🏳️‍🌈

Once your application has been received, I will personally contact you to arrange a live call to go over your application and see if you are ready for mentorship. Should you be invited to enter into mentorship with me, you will be sent a contract to sign and required to make payment before we can schedule dates and times.

“! When I met Lisa I was a quiet, anxious and unmotivated young woman with no direction...within a short time, lisa metaphorically grabbed me by the balls and shook my life up! Lisa teaches you that there are no limits as a woman, she teaches you to be strong, ambitious, positive, hardworking...and she’s shown me how to believe in myself and how to use my mind as a tool to create the life I want. I am proud to say that I am well on my way to my dream life, and am approaching everyday with a renewed sense of vigour and drive I didn’t even know existed inside me. Lisa, thank you, I am proud to call you my mentor and my my very, very dear friend. You need this girl in your life! She builds woman into being the best version of their strong badass selves every. Single. Day.”
— Jill Wallace